Musti Group and’s MDM solution awarded as the best Power Platform implementation of the year

Bringing home the win! Musti Group and's Master Data Management solution was awarded as the best Power Platform implementation at the Microsoft 365 HPR event held on November 22nd. Factors contributing to the victory included the user experience of the implementation, innovative utilization of technology, environmental impact, and overall benefit to the organization. Congratulations to Musti Group and the entire team!
Vuoden paras Power Platform ratkaisu Microsoft 365 HPR -tapahtumassa.

A strategic tool for managing master data at Musti Group

The awarded application includes maintenance of product, supplier, and location information as well as price lists and campaign management. This innovative solution has replaced previous systems and enabled the management and distribution of important information through digitalization.’s solution is in use globally in Musti Group’s companies in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Business benefits determined the victory

The key to the success of the award-winning solution was the business benefits it brought. The application serves as a strategic tool in managing core business data (Master Data Management), which has brought significant benefits to Musti Group:

  • Enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes as well as tracking
  • Improved data quality
  • Reduced manual work
  • Increased transparency of data
  • Enabled optimization of business processes across different functions

The solution also scales cost-effectively to meet Musti’s future needs and provides an excellent foundation for continuous improvement on the path.

Business-driven development with the Power Platform

The solution is a full-fledged MDM system based on the Power Platform, particularly the Power Apps application and Power Automate integrations. The Dataverse database serves as the central data storage location. The application provides users with a user-friendly interface by integrating form validations and business logic.

Experts from Musti Group and engage in continuous Power Platform application development tailored to the needs of Musti Group’s business and users.

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